What is it?
An experimental mobile Virtual Reality App and documentation of what we learned

Who is it for?
Museums/heritage organisations
Multimedia companies
Techie people
History buffs

What is the outcome?
You will be able to use our learning in the development of future products

Accessing the experimental app and reading our learning is free; developing future apps based on our experience will involve engaging an app developer

Imagine being able to stand in the ruins of a medieval monastery, lift up your smartphone or tablet and see the very room you stand in as it may have appeared in its heyday. Now move a metre forward into a different room and imagine that your virtual view changes too.

We aimed to achieve this level of precision at the ruins of the medieval monastic site at Skriðuklaustur using Ultra Wide Band technology.

We learnt a lot from our experiments and we’ve gathered that experience together here.

Suggested content:

Introduction to what was attempted

link to some form of demo? Or video?

Technical information about the UWB that would be useful for people wanting to build this type of system in the future

Something about considerations for heritage sites learnt through the project, e.g. about installing the sensors

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