What is it?
A tool to help communities map their heritage

Who is it for?
Museums/heritage organisations
School teachers
Community workers
Techie people
History buffs

What is the outcome?
A map of community heritage


Imagine a tool that shows not only the historical sites that exist in the landscape around us but also the heritage that is important to people living in, working, and visiting the landscape. Advanced mapping is a tool that does just that, by allowing anyone to contribute to mapping heritage.

If you are a heritage, community worker or school teacher who wants to find out how to get your community mapping heritage, this toolkit is for you.

If you are a techy type helping to implement this digital solution, there’s technical information here too.

Advanced mapping examples from the CINE project

some examples illustrated by, for example, short text, video, skill images, links to external sites

Getting started

possible headings – to be used if you like

Technical information

perhaps? This might also be a link to another tool focused solely on the technical side

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