TurfHunt is a tool that can be used to create exciting heritage scavenger hunt games for players to download to their smartphones or tablets.

Turfhunt can help you to engage people with heritage in a fun and educational way and create enjoyable puzzles and trails for your local community and visitors alike.

The easy to use interface means that you don’t need a lot of technical know-how to get started on your own games now.

What is Turfhunt?

TurfHunt is a scavenger hunt game app designed to bring the traditional scavenger hunt game into the 21st century. The TurfHunt app has been used across the world and has many features including multiple game play modes and challenge types. The games are great for encouraging on location engagement and learning with games available both indoor or outdoor using GPS or BLE beacons to trigger game challenges.

Games can be played offline without an internet connection or online competitively with a scoreboard. Choose from various challenge types such as photo challenges (photo, sticker or drawing), multiple choice or single answer text questions and mini games like memory cards. All challenges can be linked together to play in a specific order or played at random.

Getting started with Turfhunt

video instructions that show you it is really easy – LOC have these

examples of indoor and outdoor games & tours (both from the project and elsewhere)

Using Turfhunt/the principles in the CINE project

information about the outdoor game at Skriduklaustur: text, images, video?